Impressions – Via Glaralpina


Stage 01

The first leg of the Via Glaralpina goes from the valley up to the first peaks of...

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Stage 02

The second leg of the Via Glaralpina long-distance trail goes from Niederurner Tal over the...

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Stage 03

The third Via Glaralpina leg takes you over Obersee via Grapplialp and Geisschappel to...

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Stage 04

Starting from Klöntal, the fourth leg takes you to the first SAC-Hütte on the Via Glaralpina:...

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Stage 06

The sixth leg of the Via Glaralpina takes you into the canton of Schwyz. From Ortstockhaus...

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Stage 07

Pale grey limestone pavement accompanies you along the seventh leg of the Via Glaralpina:...

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Stage 08

On leg eight of the Via Glaralpina, the passionate hiker walks the path of the glacier flea....

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Stage 09

Alpine charms await you on leg nine. From the comfortable modern Claridenhütte SAC make your...

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Stage 10

Take a worthwhile early-morning detour to the Grünhornhütte, Switzerland’s first SAC hut, on...

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Stage 11

The eleventh leg is challenging along the lower section, from the Berggasthaus Obbort to the...

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Stage 12

The motto on the twelfth stage is: simply enjoy! The first few metres of the hike are on...

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Stage 13

Get an early start for the thirteenth leg. From the Bifertenhütte AAC, this hiking trail...

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Stage 14

Experience the King’s Stage on the fourteenth leg of the Via Glaralpina, leading you to the...

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Stage 15

Along the fifteenth leg, get close up to the Tectonic Arena Sardona World Heritage Site:...

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Stage 16

Leg sixteen of the Via Glaralpina offers an impressive ridge hike over two scenically and...

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Stage 17

Via volcanic rock ridges, leg seventeen leads to a panoramic hike with the peaks of the...

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Stage 18

The penultimate leg of the Via Glaralpina awaits you, a bittersweet moment, acknowledging you...

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Stage 19

Via Glaralpina comes full circle. Enjoy breakfast and the view of Walensee at the...

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Get an overview of all routes with more details in German here.

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